Robert Ross Band Logo is #1

Robert Ross Band Logo is Number 1 on Google

     The Robert Ross Band logo, which appears at the top of this page, and at, is the number 1 search result for “blues music logo” and “blues guitar logo” on google. Put in a search for yourself and see what pops up. If you use a different search engine it might come up 2nd or 3rd. My daughter Naomie Ross, who is a graphic artist, is the designer of the logo.

Naomie also did some of the graphics on the new Robert Reich film, “Inequality For All”. If you haven’t seen it, you must check it out.

Logo History

My ex-wife BB took a photo of me at Folk City in 1980 which appeared on the cover of my first record release entitiled, “Introducing Robert Ross” on Baron Records in 1981. Later on the photo was turned into a silouette the old fashioned way, with paper, scissors, and glue. And voila, my very first crude logo was hatched. Then Naomie got a hold of it about 10 years ago and turned it into a true work of art.

ROBERT ROSS BAND logo designed by Naomie Ross
ROBERT ROSS BANDbaron_coverest